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All Vespa, Moped Scooter Girls

Just look at the smiles and the fun these women are having.
Thank you for the Photos, some of you have sent me for display.

Thank you Ladies

Vespa Scooter Girls-Red Shoes

People don't realize but scooters and Vespas here in the United States are sold more than you think. Sales are way up this past two or three years. With the price of gas and the traffic around your area. It's so much easier to get from place to place. Check out my website and see what's out there. What ever you want to call them, "Scooters, Vespas, Mopeds" the Sales are way up this year and the women are jumping on them. Smart. Look at the money you save. 

Forgot my Lipstick

Scooter Girl-The proper with to ride a Vespa
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