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About Randy

I'm a Retired Automotive guy and a Photographer that enjoys showcasing the power of women today. No matter what type of vehicle you're driving, women have a big influence on everything from  Hot Rods, Classic Cars, Scooters, Vespas and even the Performance Cars of Today. Women know what they want and they're buying it.

Ladies are making there mark in the world and I'm glad to see it. Guys move over! Women are coming up Fast! They love performance Automobiles and Styling Rides just like you do. Great Job Ladies and Thank you for sending me your photos to display. This site is just for enjoyment.

I'm Randy and I want to welcome you to my Website.
I have over 348,477 Facebook Followers.


Videos of My Girls and Their Vespas. Just Click on Beauty is Everywhere.

Beauty is Everywhere if you Look-My Girl
Hot Women and Scooters-Vespa Girls in Green

Proud Vespa Scooter owners

Hot Women and Scooters-Vespa Girls and their Shoes-Moped Women

I also have a website called Classic Cars and Women

Classic Cars and Women-Orange County California

Check out my Facebook page Classic Cars and Women with over 125,368 Followers

This is my other website call Hot Rods and Custom  Cars

Check out my facebook page Hot Rods and Custom Cars

with over 100,579 Followers

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