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My Girls and Their
   Vespa Scooters

Hot Women and Scooters

I made this web-site because I was so impressed with a photo that was sent to me. I think she has a beautiful smile. I just had to start a Hot Women and Scooter site. Women are getting stronger and more respected. I'm so glad to see all this happening. I want to say Thank you to the people that have sent their photos to me, for display. If you want to see Cars and Women.
At Classic Cars and Women, we are geared towards shedding light on the ladies in automotive and how important they are to this industry today. There are just as many fierce women out there, pulling up to work in there Hot Rods, Classic Cars or just plain Cars of all kinds as there are men.

Classic Women with Vespa

These are my Girls having fun at the Scooter Wash!

Vespa Scooter Women, Hot Girls Riding Scooter

What Beautiful Smiles!

Beautiful Vespa Girl
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